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In the critical moments when disaster, emergency, or crisis strikes within Indigenous communities; when a child, friend, or neighbour goes missing, every second matters. FirstAlerts was created to empower tribal councils and communities to take control of how and when they want to share information about emergencies affecting their people.

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About FirstAlerts

A community-driven emergency alert system designed by and for Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan, FirstAlerts is exclusively available within the Talking Stick app. Launched February 14, 2024, FirstAlerts allows authorized community leaders to quickly share critical safety information and updates to their members, without delay.

FirstAlerts will only be sent for three types of emergencies: missing persons, natural disasters, or public safety.

FirstAlerts are:
• Optional. You choose whether to receive these or not, and change your preferences at any time
• Anonymous – no personal information is collected or shared
• Available now in participating communities in Saskatchewan

Get Started:

Download the free Talking Stick app and subscribe. *FirstAlerts is not available on your web browser, you must download the app to access this service.

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Get Started:

Download the free Talking Stick app and subscribe. *FirstAlerts is not available on your web browser, you must download the app to access this service.
App Store
Get it on Google Play


How do I subscribe to FirstAlerts?
FirstAlerts are delivered through Talking Stick, a free smartphone app. To enable FirstAlerts go to the “Alerts” tab in the app, and select the community or communities you want to receive FirstAlerts from. You will need to make sure you have turned on the ability to receive push notifications from the Talking Stick app in your phone settings. You must have the Talking Stick app downloaded to your phone to subscribe to and receive FirstAlerts.
Who sends out FirstAlerts messages?
FirstAlerts messages are issued by community leaders in the case of an emergency impacting their membership. FirstAlerts may be sent to subscribers of a specific community or tribal council.
What types of alerts will I receive?
FirstAlerts are for serious situations where there is a risk of harm or to the safety of the community. FirstAlerts will be used to share important details like the type of emergency, location, and instructions to maintain your safety.
Is my identity still anonymous if I sign up for FirstAlerts?
Yes! FirstAlerts does not collect any personal information from individuals who have subscribed to receive alerts. FirstAlerts is an optional service, aimed at providing essential information without compromising privacy.
Can I receive alerts about another community where I have friends or loved ones?

Yes – you can select multiple communities to receive alerts that affect them, so long as they have elected to participate in the FirstAlerts system.

What if my community is not listed?
Any community in Saskatchewan can participate in using FirstAlerts. If you would like to see your community participate, contact your community leaders. Contact for more information.
Who do I contact about sending out an alert?

Every participating community will have a FirstAlerts Administrator who is trained to send alerts. Contact your community leadership for more information.

Will I receive FirstAlerts if I’m in a remote region?
For FirstAlerts to be delivered you will need a stable Internet connection via a cell tower or Wifi.
Is this a text message?

No. FirstAlerts are not sent using the same technology as SMS text messages sent from phone to phone.

What if I need emotional support during a crisis?

We are here to listen. If you feel anxious or scared during an emergency, Talking Stick provides peer support from trained peer advocates who can listen and offer emotional support during a crisis, or any time. All chats are anonymous and confidential. Simply click “Chat Now” within the app to get started.